We Manufactures


We accord the highest significance to quality in all we do. We are committed to produce high quality, safe and effective medicines and feed supplements for livestock, poultry and companion animals. Our quality commitment is what defines our responsibility to the animal world, and their owners.


Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, including veterinarians, pharmacists, chemists, biologists and animal scientists. Its lines include veterinary medicinal products with therapeutic action (anti-inflammatory, analgesic, Feed supplements and organic restoration drugs), antiparasitic (endectocides, endoparasiticides) and antimicrobials.


We engage in the development and evaluation of new animal drugs, especially new innovative technologies, to meet the demand for increased safe, affordable and abundant food production.


  • Blured created and is implementing processes to enable global availability of safe, effective, quality manufactured, properly labeled new animal drugs.
  • Overcome obstacles to ensure access to veterinary drugs and their proper use in food-producing animals.

Time is money

Indian Manufacturers are one of the lowest cost producers of drugs in the world; drug manufacturing in India is up to 50 percent cheaper than in western industrial countries, and well developed industry with strong manufacturing base.


Veterinary medicines constitute an unescapable element in the scheme of animal health and welfare. Nowadays, they are used more and more to improve health and productivity in farm animals. When a veterinary medicine is prescribed it must not only be effective but must also be safe for both animals and humans. Due to ever changing regulations and constant improvements in residue detection techniques it is necessary to conduct new investigations with existing products. It therefore costs a great deal of time and money to introduce, and maintain, a product in the market. Challenging factors is continued to improve medicine and keep going on the Competitor market. To sustain in the market, Most of the profits spend on research and development of new medicine.